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Imagine a Nguni cow travelling through the Swartland on the back of a truck, on her way to an auction. Suddenly, she spots a beautiful vineyard and without hesitation, jumps off. The grower later finds her grazing among the vines and appropriately names her SURVIVOR.

In the true spirit of the Nguni, our wines also start with a leap in the vineyard. We source grapes not only from the Swartland, but also from the Elgin Valley, Stellenbosch, Darling, Tradouw and Hemel-en-Aarde. This diverse range of regions brings unique complexity and diversity to the wines in the SURVIVOR Range.

Our winemaker has debated intensely which regions possess the perfect balance of rainfall, clay, shale and granite content. The result is that opening a bottle of SURVIVOR allows you to experience the essence of these terroirs. Just like the Nguni cow that inspired them, SURVIVOR Wines are distinctly South African. So take a sip and taste the essence of our beautiful country.

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