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Mushrooms have a unique earthy, savory flavor that can be challenging to pair with wine. However, there are a few classic wine and mushroom pairings that can complement and enhance the flavors of the mushrooms. Here are a few options to consider:

Chardonnay: A white wine with a buttery, oaky flavor can complement the earthy, savory flavors of mushrooms. Chardonnay can be particularly good with sautéed or grilled mushrooms.

Pinot Noir: This red wine has a light to medium body, with a delicate fruit and spice flavor. It has the right acidity and tannins to complement the earthy flavor of mushrooms, specially if they're in a creamy sauce or a risotto.

Sauvignon Blanc: Another white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is known for its crisp acidity and herbaceous notes, which can complement the earthy flavors of mushrooms.

Viognier: This white wine can have a slightly oily texture and a floral aroma, with a hint of sweetness. It can balance well with mushroom dishes that are rich and buttery. Riesling: Another white wine which can be dry or sweet,

Riesling is known for its bright acidity, which can cut through the rich, earthy flavors of mushrooms. With a sweet Riesling you can pair mushrooms with a strong cheese or with a dish that has a little bit of sweetness in it.

As you can see, both red and white wines can be paired with mushrooms. The specific pairing will depend on the specific variety of mushroom and the preparation method. In general, wines that have a good acidity and a balanced body work well with mushrooms.