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Catherine Marshall is an icon in South African wine production. She has worked in Burgundy, Bordeaux, St. Emilion, California, Oregon, Australia, and, of course, South Africa. She is particularly known for Pinot Noir, which is considered some of the best overseas Pinot Noir in the world.

Catherine Marshall Wines started in 1996 as a gathering where Cathy and her friends barefoot crushed the first wine on the beach. Since then, it has grown rapidly, and her wines are now found in top restaurants, wine shops, and are a regular feature in the British Airways First Class selection.

An icon is born

In 1991, apartheid rule was coming to an end in South Africa, and the country was in a state of civil war. But there were also small bright spots in 1991. For Catherine Marshall, it was her graduation from the University of Wine Production. Catherine worked in local vineyards but sought inspiration outside the then-closed country and found jobs in Burgundy, St. Emilion, Oregon, California, and Australia, among others. She brought the inspiration back to South Africa when she started her own production in Barefoot Wine Co. in 1997, shortly after Mandela's inauguration. The company was the first to start the "garage wine" wave in South Africa, breaking away from high-tech production to embrace craftsmanship and emphasize the selection of grapes and the terroir as the soul of the wine. Cathy became the first woman with her own wine company.

Since then, her work has been immensely successful, receiving countless top reviews and accolades. She is now known as the queen of Pinot Noir, and her Pinot has been recognized as the best South African Pinot Noir for several years in a row by Tim Atkin. She has received legendary 5-star ratings in the Platters Guide and has some of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels, and airlines on her client list.

Cathy focuses on grapes from Elgin, which, with its cool climate, provides ideal conditions for growing complex, high-quality wines. The core is Pinot Noir, but she also produces fantastic Riesling, Chenin Blanc, and Merlot.

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