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Imagine a hidden gem tucked away in the breathtaking Tulbagh region, nestled against the towering Witzenberg mountains. Fable Mountain Vineyards is an oasis of organic Syrah, Grenache and Mourvédre vines, standing between 400-650 meters in height, on the edge of a stunning wilderness reserve.

To reach this enchanted estate, you must navigate a winding mountain pass and travel several kilometers up a deserted dirt road. But as soon as you set foot on the farm and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, you'll know it was all worth it. The mountains offer more than just a stunning backdrop - they provide shade over the vineyards, slowing down the ripening process and preserving the natural acidity that makes these wines so special. During the winter months, the vineyards are blanketed in cold, allowing the vines to conserve energy and prepare for the upcoming growing season.

But Fable Mountain is more than just a vineyard - it's a balanced, diverse ecosystem. Herds of Nguni cattle and Merino sheep graze through the vineyards during the winter, providing natural compost and helping to build soil. And the winemaker at Fable Mountain, Tremayne Smith, is a master of his craft. He approaches winemaking with a focus on freshness, texture and balance, and every year brings new and exciting flavors to the table. From hand-sorted grapes to small tank fermentation, the winemaking process at Fable Mountain is truly hands-on, ensuring that every sip is a work of art. So come discover Fable Mountain Vineyards - a place of natural wonder, exceptional wine and unforgettable experiences.

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