Muschi Alti Ottonelli

Delicious, full-bodied red wine from the gentle hills of southern Tuscany. This wine is an impressive example of Tuscan craftsmanship, made from carefully selected grapes and matured in oak barrels. You are greeted by a rich, intense aroma of dark berries and plums. At first sip you taste a complex flavor of black cherry, cedar and a hint of vanilla. The impression is full and well balanced with freshness and soft tannins that leave a pleasant feeling in the mouth and a desire to take another sip.

Ottonelli goes perfectly with rich meat dishes such as beef, lamb and game, but also works well as an aperitif with a selection of cheeses and charcuterie. It is a wine that is sure to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.

We recommend that you decant the wine before serving, as it opens up the wine nicely.

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The wine has a welcoming fruity aroma with notes of cherries and ripe forest berries. The taste is full and well balanced with freshness and rounded tannins.

We recommend that you decant the wine before serving, as it opens up the wine nicely.


Grapes were night harvested and picked by hand to retain flavours.


Temperature-controlled vinification in stainless steel vats. Refined and aged in bottles.


Immersed in the silence of the Maremma countryside and embraced by the river Ombrone, lies Muschi Alti - a few kilometers from ancient villages full of atmosphere and rich in history.

The farm was bought by the Ottonelli family in 1997. The following year, new olive groves and new vineyards were planted. Here, wine was produced over three millennia ago, now Muschi Alti Winery continues this old tradition today.

The clay soils of the territory are difficult to handle but create excellent conditions for creating great wines, especially wines from red grapes whose aromas, levels of pigmentation, roundness and durability are wonderfully enhanced by this terroir. In addition, the south-west orientation of the vineyard rows and the temperature fluctuations from day to night during the summer and autumn period play a key role in the ripening of grapes and in a well-balanced acid and sugar concentration.


Light <-> Bold
Soft <-> Tannic
Dry <-> Sweet
Low acid - Higher acid

91 points (2018)

3.8 of 5.

Vintage 2021
Appellation Toscana
Country of Origin Italien
Jordbund Sandsten
Vintype Red wine
Volume 1 x 750 ml
Egen import
Number of bottles 1
Luca Maroni
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